Husky Cargo Bag

The coated-nylon cargo bag is designed to allow Husky A1-B & A1-C owners to use the otherwise empty space behind the passenger compartment for gear. It is intended for use in planes that have been built without the aluminum cargo box. The bag fills the entire rear compartment, going past the diagonal strut to the next frame member. Access is by the compartment door on the left side of the aircraft.

The bag straps to the internal framing under the skin of the plane.  Two collars and a zipper allow it to wrap around the diagonal strut so when the bag is installed, the strut is actually inside of the bag.  This makes for a nice hold-down feature that also keeps gear from sliding forwards and backwards.  Inside the bag are loops that connect to the bag hold-down points so you can lash gear to keep it from moving around.  The bag is meant for lightweight, bulky items - things like sleeping bags, parkas, fishing poles, tie-down ropes, sat phones, or first-aid kits.  Maximum weight inside the bag is 30 lbs.

The bag with plastic stiffeners weighs 6lbs.

Click here for the installation instructions.

Aviat Aircraft now owns manufacturing, sales, and development rights to the cargo bag. Please contact Aviat if you would like to purchase a cargo bag.