Idaho Regional Airport Weather Sites

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Table of Contents

Caldwell Airport
Garden Valley Airstrip
Idaho Falls Airport
Payette Airport
Twin Falls Airport
Weiser Airport
Council Airport

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Garden Valley Airport (Sponsored by Idaho Aviation Foundation )

Wind: West-northwest 5 mph


Weather       East Webcam        West Webcam             Map

Actual Altitude: 3130 ft | Estimated Air Density Altitude: 3500 ft

Caldwell Airport (Sponsored by Dr. Paul Collins)

Wind: East-northeast 0 mph


Weather       NorthWest Webcam   East Webcam    Map

Actual Altitude: 2431 ft | Estimated Air Density Altitude: 2900 ft

Payette, Idaho Airport


   East Webcam             Map

Weiser Airport, Idaho (Sponsored by City of Weiser)


Nagaki Weather    East Webcam             SW Webcam          Map

Idaho Falls Airport, Idaho (Sponsored by Aero-Mark)


NorthEast Webcam       SouthWest Webcam          Map

NWS Weather

Twin Falls Airport, Idaho (Sponsored by Reeder Flying Services)


SouthWest Webcam       SouthEast Webcam

NWS Weather

Council Airport (Sponsored by Life Flight)

Wind: SouthEast ( 137° ) at 11 mph


Weather       North Webcam        South Webcam    NW Webcam       Map

Actual Altitude: 2966 ft | Estimated Air Density Altitude: 3400 ft

Eye-n-Sky LLC designs and builds these weather stations for pilots, recreationists, and other back-country users.  

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